Stalowolskie Spotkania z Fantastyką – Trying Something New

Every now and then I like to try some new convention. Yet in recent years it rarely happens for me to experience some completely unfamiliar con in Poland. This is not because there are no such events. The reason is I have so many “known” ones I want to attend that I don’t have enough time to sail on stranger tides. Yet sometimes it happens.
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KONgres 2023 or No Rest For the Conrunners

April was a bit crazy month for me. I did what I promised myself not to do. Namely I attended four conventions in a row. Corflu, Eastercon, Lajconik and KONgres (which I will summarize here). Funnily the last in the series was a convention for Conrunners. I was a bit afraid I will be too tired to enjoy it to the full extent but fortunately it was not the case!

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Lajconik 2023 – Back to the In-person con

After two years of online conventioning and one year break Lajconik 2023 came back to the realm of physical cons. Yet I didn’t manage to fully embrace the event. It took place on the same weekend as the Glasgow 2024 All Staff meeting. I had to split my time between both events meaning I didn’t manage to participate in any of them to the full extent.

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Corflu Craic – my fird fanzine convention

I wanted to attend Corflu for a few years. It wasnot so easy though. The previous European one was in 2021 when I was not feeling confident enough to travel to an in-person convention. When I was willing to travel a year ago it was held too far away. Yet both in 2021 and 2022 I attended Corflu online. So the 40th Corflu Craic in Belfast was in a way my first and third fanzine convention at the same time (hence it is my fird convention!).

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