EFF 2024 Race Begins

The EFF Nomination period ended on 25th January 2024. Two candidates provided all the required nominators as well as the bond and the platform. They are (in the alphabetical order) Jane Mondrup from Denmark and Joro Penchev from Bulgaria. The winner of the race will travel to the Eurocon in Rotterdam (16th-19th August).

As per the announcement the voting period lasts until 23:59 on 1 April 2023 (British/Irish Time: UTC+1), with the winner announced online as soon as possible after voting has closed.

Similarly to other Fan Funds (like TAFF and GUFF), the EFF uses a preferential voting system. Voters rank candidates in order of preference. In order to win candidate must gain over 50% of the votes. If this doesn’t happen in the first round of counting, the lowest-ranked candidates will be eliminated from the race and those votes redistributed in subsequent rounds according to the next ranking. This will be repeated until one candidate has a majority of votes.

Apart from candidates there are two more choices on the ballot:

  • Hold over funds – this choice means you don’t want to support any of the candidates and want the funds to be saved until next year.
  • No preference – this choice means you want one of the candidates to go but you are equally happy with each of them.

As per the rules any fan active in fandom prior to January 2023 can vote providing they donate at least 3 EUR (or 2.60 GBP or equivalent) to EFF. Donations should be sent via PayPal to europeanfanfund@gmail.com (choose the option to send money to friends and family, with one of the email addresses below for recipient).

Please note during the payment process (the location varies; typically ‘Add a note’ or ‘Email to recipient’) that the payment is for EFF 2024.

Higher donations are welcomed and appreciated!

Votes can be provided:

  • online via form: https://forms.gle/TaTU4e5ajnkSmdMZ9
  • on a paper ballot (PDF, docx) – please write to europeanfanfund@gmail.com for the address to send the paper form to
  • On a paper ballot on selected conventions. Currently we will have representation on:
    • Levitation 2024 – Eastercon 29th March – 1st April 2024

Only one vote per person is allowed.


Jane Mondrup
I’ve been an avid reader of Science Fiction, Fantasy and other speculative genres since a very early age. At some point, I started writing in the genres too, and six years ago, I attended my first convention, Fantasticon in Copenhagen. For the first time in my life, I experienced being out-nerded within the subject of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Exhilarated by this, I went again next year. Then I got into organizing a new convention in my local area in Jutland (Vilde Universer), and for a couple of years, I also joined the Fantasticon committee. In 2022 I went to my first convention abroad, Swecon, and then to Eurocon 2023 in Uppsala.

I love the organizing work and getting to know my wonderful, fellow weirdos of the SFF world. So many exiting things are happening in the genres these years, and I’m grateful to be a part of it. As the EEF delegate at Erasmuscon, I would primarily represent the Danish community, but I have some connections within Scandinavian fandom in a broader sense. I look forward to making new ties to fandom in the rest of Europe and thus contribute to the purpose of the EFF.

Nominators: Jesper Rugård Jensen (DK), Fia Karlsson (SE), Sidsel Pedersen (DK)

Joro Penchev
My name is Joro and I come from Bulgaria where I have spent more than 30 years reading and 20 years writing about science fiction and fantasy. It is a passion but also a mission for me. I am among the main drivers of the venerable ShadowDance fanzine&website; and an organizer of many local festivals, workshops, competitions, games, etc. I work with publishers and media to spread awareness of the importance of the SFF genres and wholeheartedly believe in their important social impact. My first Eurocon was in 2004 in Plovdiv and since the late 2010s I try to visit or help Bulgarian participants in all of them. I help the nominations committee in Bulgaria with programming, draft proposals for ESFS and help popularize the Eurocon. It has however recently become difficult for me to attend and so I would be very grateful for your support. I hope to make friends with many of you on the con whom I still haven’t met and do great things in the future together. Finally, I want to thank Fionna O’Sullivan, Francesco Verso and Ivo Alekseev for supporting this bid and for their many contributions to the genre and to fandom. Cheers everyone!

Nominators: Ivalyo Alekseev (BG), Fionna O’Sullivan (IE), Francesco Verso (IT)

Let the race begin!

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