Lajconik 13 From Behind a Table

For years Lajconik was among my favourite conventions. Yet as I described last year I finally joined the team running it. Do I regret? Absolutely not! Making the convention happen is a big pleasure and I am glad I was able to help. It doesn’t mean I don’t want to return as an attendee – I want and I hope I will be able to switch the roles in the following years. How did it work out this year? Well the last word belongs to the members – I can only describe it from my limited perspective.

Behind a Table

I didn’t have too much time or at least too many occasions to see the convention. I spent most of it sitting behind a table. We decided to have a Fantable of our local club at Lajconik and I volunteered to staff it for most of the con. Of course I got others to help me by either accompanying me or taking care of it when I had/wanted to do something else. So I was not chained there in any way but nevertheless it was my main spot at the con.

A person sitting behind a table. The table is covered with soem fanzines and leaflets. There is also a jar full of dice and badge maker at the table.
One of the volunteers repalcing me behind the table during Lajconik 13.

On the table we had some of our publications to show what we are doing. Unfortunately we were not able to sell our fanzines. We also had one competition at the table. I selected the biggest jar I had at home and filled it with dice. The task was to estimate how many did fit into it. The correct answer was 144 and Rynvord managed to guess it! In order to free up the registration desk we also moved the t-shirt collection to the table I manned.

How did the sitting go? Well I had some nice conversations – both long and short. I managed to refresh some of my contacts and establish some new ones. Oh there were periods of boredom. As Lajconik is a convention when most of the people play RPGs there were times when no one was passing the corridor. From the club promotion perspective we could have done a better job. No one decided to join our society after the con. On the other hand more people are now aware that we exist and I hope it will bring some new members in the future.

A few people sirring around a big table. One of them is laughing.
At Lajconik 13 we decided to have some sessions in a large ballet room. At peak hours four concurrent sessions were held there.

This was for sure a learning experience for me. It was good to have such table and I am fairly confident we can prepare it better and more engaging in the future. So it was the first but not the last time and more such activities will take place in the future :).

Preserving Tradition

My friends and I have a tradition at Lajconik. We tend to go to lunch together and we usually select the same restaurants. On one day it is a nearby Chinese restaurant and on the other the bar next door. It is not about the food. I mean not only about the food. It is nice to go together discuss the convention and other fannish topics.

A room full of sitting people. In the back there is a large mirror on the wall.
Another tradition is the giveaway at the closing ceremony. Despite a large audience we managed to have something for everyone.

This year was no different. I was tempted to visit a new place as Lajconik 13 received a discount from nearby ramen and sushi places. Yet the tradition was stronger and we ended in the Chinese restaurant. The bar next door was not contested. I cannot imaging Lajconik without visiting it. I am sure it happened to me already but somehow this is something I really don’t want to miss.

On both days our eating group was bigger than usually which is quite good. We had some good conversations and it added a lot to my con experience. Similarly to the Saturday evening in the pub. This year our convention pub was a bit further away – a couple of tram stops. And here tradition was not met. Usually we had evening karaoke at the bar but as this venue was smaller we decided not to held it. And truth to be told I don’t regret. Karaoke was never my thing.

People sitting around a table and painting miniature figures.
It was not a first time when we had the miniature painting workshops.

New Team

We had a lot of new members in Lajconik’s 13 Team. I think they did a great job. I know it is not me to judge but I was observing what is being done and I was advising a bit. Of course I also had my own set of tasks to perform but they were not strongly impacting how the con looked like. I am happy that the team managed to do so many things and to open some new options for Lajconik.

We made mistakes, we faced some issues, and we were unlucky regarding a few things. Yet the team faced it all and managed to deliver a convention which in my opinion was good. There are things that will be improved. There were lessons learned. But most importantly there was fun. I am hoping that others felt it too and that it was a rewarding experience for them.

Two people sit behind a large desk and smile. One person faces them and her face is not visible.
Two gophers and one organizer enjoying their time at Lajconik :).

Years ago I made a terrible mistake and I didn’t find the team to whom I could pass over the convention I chaired. I was too afraid that others may run it in a different way. As a result the moment I stopped chairing it the con had to close down. I never chaired Lajconik and it was not my decision to pass it to new hands. Yet I observed this being done a few times. And it is absolutely beautiful. Of course it happened that some mistakes were repeated over the years. Still at the same time new solutions were created. Over the last dozen of years teams experimented with different approaches. Some of the things stayed with the con and some didn’t. Thanks to all of that Lajconik became better and more interesting convention. I am quite proud that I was able to support some of those conventions and I trust that it will be running in the future.

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