Lajconik 2023 – Back to the In-person con

After two years of online conventioning and one year break Lajconik 2023 came back to the realm of physical cons. Yet I didn’t manage to fully embrace the event. It took place on the same weekend as the Glasgow 2024 All Staff meeting. I had to split my time between both events meaning I didn’t manage to participate in any of them to the full extent.

Welcoming Venues

Somehow I need to start from the end. For years Lajconik was organized in two venues – Młodzieżowy Dom Kultury (Youth Culture Center) Grunwaldzka 5 and Siemacha Spot. They both were very welcoming and the convention would not exist without their support. We always felt it. Before the pandemic we met there many times. In 2020 they were open for us to change the decision about hosting an in-person event. Last year we planned to have a con but had to cancel – this was met with understanding. During the closing ceremony director of one of the venues talked about all the years we held the event together. What I realized is the full extent of his support towards Lajconik. It was deeply moving to see how he cares about what we do. From this point I would love to once again thank directors of both venues for hosting us for so many years!

A group of people posing for a group photo.
Lajconik 2023 concom posing for a group picture with director of MDK Grunwladzka 5. Picture was taken after the closing ceremony.

Speaking about the venues – in a way for me they were the most important aspect of Lajconik 2023. Because of being busy with Glasgow 2024 weekend I didn’t manage to properly enjoy the con. Usually Lajconik meant a gaming weekend for me. I always played in a few RPG sessions (up to four) during the two days. This year I didn’t manage to play any RPG. Yet I spent some time during preparation of the venues and then cleaning after the con ended. It was a good time. Of course when I was mopping the floor for over an hour I thought differently but all in all I am quite happy with it. This way at least I felt that I attended the con ;).

Resistance was Futile

For years Lajconik was one of my favourite conventions. Maybe even the favourite one. Thus when I became the chairman of the SFF club that organizes it I was doing my best to avoid joining the concom. You see – I always wanted to attend Lajconik as a regular attendee. When you ran the event you usually don’t have enough time for other things. I hoped this con will be the one where I can fully relax. Yet in 2020 I finally joined the concom and had more and more to do. Maybe it was inevitable? Maybe next year I will take even more duties on my shoulders? Seems that resistance was futile.

A person with cat ears sitting behind a desk. There are multiple board games on the desk.
3D printed cat ears became a big thing among the concom and volunteers. Most of the team obtained them during the con.

Despite the fact that I attended the Glasgow 2024 Staff Weekend I managed to enjoy the con. As mentioned I didn’t have the chance to play any RPGs but I found some time to test two new board games our club received. And I had the proper convention meals with friends. It is a tradition to visit the nearby Bar Mleczny Smakosz. Every year we eat there at least one lunch. I did the same this year and thus had some time to chat with friends. Once the con closed on Saturday we visited nearby Chinese restaurant. Eating there is another tradition. We vitied it on our way to the convention pub. I didn’t manage to spend a lot of time in the pub but it was quite pleasant. In the end I can say that despite my role in concom and other duties I managed to enjoy Lajconik. It was different than usual but still good experience.

People sitting around the table and playing. In the back there are two more tables.
I didn’t manage to play RPGs but others did!

Present and Future

This year we got some convention merch made for us by the dealers. Usually we only had t-shirts (mainly for the staff) but at Lajconik 2023 it was different. One of the dealers made us custom 3d printed D20 dice with our logo. We got a few pieces to hand out at competitions. On top of that attendees were able to buy their own from the dealer. Of course I couldn’t resist and got a copy too. Another dealer made us keychains featuring our logo – the chess knight. Those were not on sale and were given to the team and to the directors of both our venues. A nice souvenir!

Two men sitting behind a table. One has laptop in front of him.
The source of Lajconik’s dice and the cat ears!

Some plans were already laid for the next year. No decisions have been made though. We will see how it will all go but I already know that I want to help. Maybe I won’t have the time to play but at least I want to be a part of the team – again!

You can find more pictures in my FB gallery.

The next post will treat about KONgres and will be published within two weeks.

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