EFF Race Announcement

Outcome of the 2023 European Fan Fund Race

It is my pleasure and duty to announce the results of the first ever EFF race.

The winner of the race and the first EFF delegate is Matylda Naczyńska whom I would like to congratulate.

As the EFF administrator I would like to thank James Shields – the other candidate – and all those who voted in the race.

I would also like to thank Claire Brialey and Fionna O’Sullivan who helped me with starting the fund. I also want to express my gratitude to everyone who supported me and EFF till now. If not for the League of Fan Funds, Administrators of TAFF and GUFF, Konflikt Eurocon Team and many fans who donated money and items for the Fan Funds we would not be able to have this race. Please accept my deepest gratitude.

Please find below some information about the race results:

– 33 valid votes were received

– 6 invalid votes were received (these were missing the voting contribution)

– In total contributions were the following (before subtraction of any fees):
> 38 EUR
> 77 GBP
> 353.62 PLN

– The valid votes came from 8 countries:
> Finland – 1
> Germany – 2
> Ireland – 4
> Poland – 10
> Spain – 2
> Sweden – 2
> UK – 11
> USA – 1

EFF Administrator
Marcin “Alqua” Kłak

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