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I was thinking about creating a small Fan Fund to allow people from different countries to attend Eurocon. My dream is to have fandom more internationally connected (well, this is one of the reasons I started blogging). I think that allowing people to travel to other countries is a good step forward.

I would gladly accept your advices and opinions on the rules below. Feel free to post them in comments or send them to EuropeanFanFund[AT]gmail[dot]com. If you would like to help with the fund definitely let me know.

I would like to thank Claire Brialey and Fionna O’Sullivan for their help in drafting below proposal.

Multiple people sitting in the room. Eurocon 2017

Name: European Fan Fund (EFF)

Purpose: The purpose of the Fan Fund is to create and strengthen bonds between European fans and fandoms. Currently in almost every country there is a fandom that quite often has small or no connection to the broader European fandom. Most fans do concentrate on the “here and now” and are not looking for friends in other countries.

The idea: A delegate would be elected by fans across Europe to travel to Eurocon. The delegate must offer to have a talk about fandom in their country. The delegate should also offer their participation as a guest in the Eurocon Awards ceremony, Opening ceremony and Closing ceremony. Any other help from the delegate should be encouraged. It will be for the Eurocon organizers to accept that help to the extent that suits them.


1) Any person can run for a Fund providing:
a) They are a Science Fiction fan living in a European country.
b) The Eurocon for which they run is held in a country other than the one they live in.
c) They have been active in fandom within their country for at least two years.
d) The previous two races were won by candidates from different countries than the one they live in (if ther will be no other candidates this rule may be omitted).
e) They will find three nominators in European countries (each of whom must have been active in fandom for at least two years).
f) At least one nominator will be from the country of the candidate and at least one will be from a different country.
g) They will provide a platform of no more than 200 words.
h) They agree that providing they will win they will be administrators for the next two races.

2) Voting
a) Any fan who has been in fandom for at least one year can vote.
b) Each voter needs to contribute to the Fan Fund by offering no less than 3 Euro.
c) Voting can take place online and also via paper ballots.

3) Administrators
a) At the end of their trip, each delegate becomes the administrator of the fund for the next two races.
b) Administrators jointly announce the nomination and voting periods.
c) Administrators count the votes and announce the delegate.
d) Administrators offer their help to the delegate to help them with the trip organization.
e) Administrators get in contact with the Eurocon committee to arrange the details of the delegate’s participation in the convention.
f) Administrators are responsible for raising money for the fund.

4) Races
a) A race can be held each year providing the Fund has enough money (or will have by the time of the Eurocon).
b) If the Fund does not have enough money a race need not be held that year.

5) Trip
a) The fund covers whatever is needed of:
– the cost of the transportation to the Eurocon
– accommodation during the convention (in coordination with the delegate, this may be a hotel, hostel, host willing to take care of the delegate, or other accommodation)
– membership of the Eurocon (this, or any other support, may be donated by the Eurocon committee).
b) The trip should last for at least the length of Eurocon.
c) The delegate can decide to come early/leave late to meet fandom in the hosting country or to help with the convention.

6) Other responsibilities of the delegate
a) The delegate should prepare at least one of the following:
– Trip report (especially for longer trip)
– Fanzine created together with fans met at the convention.
b) The trip publication should be published within two years from the trip.
c) The trip report/Fanzine may be sold in order to raise the money for the Fund.
d) The Trip report/Fanzine is encouraged to be published as a standard publication (digital or printed) but it is allowed to be a series of blog posts. In that case, the rule is that those posts must be made available for the administrators to archive them and publish somewhere in case the blog is later deleted.
e) The trip report/Fanzine must be produced in English, but translations or any additional publications in other languages are encouraged.
f) The delegate should offer to the Eurocon:
– a talk about the fandom in their country
– willingness to participate in Eurocon Awards ceremony, Opening ceremony and Closing ceremony
– other help they are willing to offer to the convention.

My next post will be published no later than on 14th Fabruary and it will treat abou ZjAva convention.

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