Lajconik – RPG and Polish legends

Lajconik is a small convention devoted to tabletop Role Playing Games. For the first time it took place in 2011 and in the beginning it was not held regularly. Over last few years it has taken place around March/April. 2017 was not an exception and I again got a chance to participate in this lovely convention. I like it very much for a few reasons but the most important one is the atmosphere.

How it works?

Lajconik lasts for two days and there are two time slots for RPG sessions on each day. There are multiple places for playing, so as many as eleven concurrent game sessions can take place in a single time slot. Before the convention members can register for the game they would like to play, but only 60% of places are available for the preregistration – the remaining ones are available for people who would like to make their decision during the convention.

Registration Registration desk from above

Apart from RPG sessions, there is always a games room with board games and a few programme items. Around 200 members (including organization team and volunteers) participate in this event every year and this number will probably not grow in the near future as the usual venue of Lajconik is too small.

Games Room Games Room

The venue is the Youth Cultural Center no. 5 in Kraków and nearby Siemacha Spot (building of polish non-profit association). The building is quite small and has only one big room (which houses the games room). RPG sessions take place in different locations – with some of them being typical classrooms but some are less orthodox, like computer room or gym in the basement.

Session Room One of the less orthodox places for playing

Playing and socializing

My plan was to participate in four RPG sessions but as I took a longer lunch with my friends I had to skip one of them (I used this time for playing board games and socializing). I will not go into details of each sessions as I do believe it may be boring but I want to mention two sessions. I had the opportunity to play two very old games. One was Tunnels and Trolls (1975 edition) and the other one was the first version of Metamorphosis Alpha – the first Science Fiction Role Playing Game. Both of them were relatively recently published in Poland by a fan – Seji, who was also the Game Master during Lajconik. Usually I prefer playing newer games, but I am really happy that I got to know the history of the genre.

Seji Presenting Polish edition of Tunnels and Trolls Seji Presenting Polish edition of Tunnels and Trolls

On Saturday, after the last session was finished, we went to a convention pub for a beer (or tea in my case). As usual, there was some Karaoke and we chatted with old friends. As the convention is really small, the atmosphere is very cosy or even family-like. I enjoyed the evening and although I have not spent there whole night out, I had a great time.

Metamorphosis Alpha session Metamorphosis Alpha session

Traditions of Lajconik

The evening at the pub is not the only Lajconik tradition. The other one is related to awards. Each year at the very end of the convention all remaining members are coming to the biggest room for prize presentation. The most important competition is the one related to the theme of the given edition of convention. Each Game Master who decides to participate in the competition receives a motif that he needs to incorporate into his RPG session. This year the theme was Polish legends and in one of the sessions I played the GM had to include a dragon and a shoemaker (from the legend of the Wawel Dragon); as we were playing Shadowrun, the task was relatively easy. I need to mention here that the GM did it quite well and although he did not win the competition, I enjoyed the session.

Jury just before announcing the winners of the competition for Game Masters Jury just before announcing the winners of the competition for Game Masters

But there are also other prizes presented. Each year the organizers of Lajconik are giving some awards to randomly selected GMs and members. Of course prizes are not very big – a book, game, convention t-shirt or cup but it is an extremely nice tradition. In my opinion, it also helps to build the specific Lajconik atmosphere. This year I received a t-shirt and I am very happy because of that.

Tunnels and Trolls session Tunnels and Trolls session

Each year I simply can’t wait for Lajconik. I really like the friendly atmosphere and I am willing to play new RPG systems. It is a great opportunity to try different gaming flavours. Playing during a convention allows you to meet new GMs and players. This gives you the possibility not only to check different settings but also to learn new gaming styles. Several of my favourite RPG sessions took place during Lajconik. This year I immensely enjoyed the session in Metamorphosis Alpha and I know I will be glad to play more.

Next post will treat about Luxcon and will be published either on 26th April or 3rd of May.

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