Nordcon – good relax at the end of the year

Since several years Nordcon is my last convention of a year. It allows me to relax and spend time socializing instead of taking part in programme items or running a con. This year the situation was the same as usual and I travelled to Nordcon to get some rest after a very intensive year.

Very far away from anywhere else

Nordcon takes place in Jastrzebia Góra – a small village in Pomeranian Voivodeship. It is quite a remote location and although for fans from Gdańsk it is close, for most others it is not. Still the convention is organized there every year and most people goes there year after year.

Few rows of people are sitting in chairs. In front of them there is a group of people standing. Opening ceremony – first time attendees are welcomed.

Unlike other Polish cons, Nordcon takes place in a hotel. As it is not a season at the Baltic Sea, we have the whole hotel just for ourselves (including swimming pool, sauna and jacuzzi). The hotel staff is very friendly and going to Nordcon is just like a four day long holiday.

Picture of Jupiter god painted on a glass. Entrance to the caffeteria

In order to get from the hotel to the beach, you need to walk for maybe five minutes. Of course it is too cold to swim in the Baltic Sea in December but the empty beach is simply beautiful. I really regret that this year I didn’t manage to go there as I treat it as a “must see” part of Nordcon.

The theme makes a Nordcon experience

Every year there is a special theme to Nordcon. This year we have moved to the ancient Rome. Since I was going to Nordcon it was only us – convention members – who were paying attention to the theme. Some people were preparing special costumes, the theme was visible in the badges, programme books etc. This year, however, even the hotel staff decided to join us and large part of them were also dressed in a Roman style robes.

In the front there is a person dressed as Roman soldier. Behind him is a man in t-shirt Roman soldier before the costume competition

I was promising myself to prepare a costume since I started going to Nordcon and each time I fail to keep the promise. Even this year, when making a costume was very easy, I simply forgot to prepare it early enough. So I promise myself again to be ready for the next Nordcon – The End of the civilization golden era. Maybe If I promise this on my blog, I will finally keep my my word 🙂

You have programme…

The programme is not the most important part of this convention but it is not nonexistent. There are some movie screenings and some more or less typical programme items. This year one of the Nordcon’s guests was Łukasz Siwko who is a member of a furry fandom. It was surprising as I think it may be the first time that during a Polish SF con we had a guest from the furry fandom. Łukasz made a presentation and workshops about creating your own fursuit. I decided not to try to sew mine but I took some pictures while others were working.

One man is looking at the other helping him with sewing. There is alsoo a women who is sewing as well. Sewing fursuits.

As I mentioned, I am treating Nordcon as an opportunity to relax so I have not participated in many programme items. I have seen some lectures about ancient Rome and others about astronomy but I didn’t join them. What I have joined are typical SMOF meetings that take place during Nordcon – Fandom Council and Fandom Forum (more details on them in the post about Polcon). During Nordcon they are less official than during Polcon but still we had some important discussions that, I hope, will bear fruits in 2018.

A traditional part of the con is the official closure coupled with the masquerade. The latter is divided into two parts – firstly children are presenting their costumes (no competition here – just a parade) and then there is a competition for adults. This year both jury and the audience decided to give an award to the group dressed as Falbala, Asterix, Obelix and Cacofonix – the last even had a working instrument that sounded awfully enough ;).

Picture shows fan dressed as Obelix with small dog plush toy and second fan dressed as Falbala. Two of the four winners of the costume compettion.

… and you have many opportunities to relax

The programme is not the most important part of the Nordcon for me. I tend to spend more time talking with old and new friends. The hotel has several available spaces – a bar, a caffeteria and simply the lobby. Most of the con I am usually spending there. Sometimes discussing plans for future conventions, sometimes discussing books or science and sometimes simply chatting without any bigger purpose.

Picture shows a diorama with few old ships and a seaside with some troops on it. There was an interesting diorama exhibition in the hotel.

I also tend to use the swimming pool (that was unfortunately closed this year) and the sauna (that was working). All in all this allows to relax and Nordcon is a convention where you don’t need to be in a constant hurry – spending one or two hours in the water is not an issue.

Picture was taken from above and it shows people siiting in armchairs and talking. People form two circles. Relaxing in one of the social areas.

It is difficult for me to write about Nordcon – it is such a “lazy” convention that I don’t have too many comments about it. I have fallen in love with it since my very first time there and I treat it as fandom holidays. As it is one of the oldest Polish cons, you can meet there a lot of people who are deeply involved in fandom. It is also a great opportunity to meet those who you still don’t know. I know that this type of con may be not the best for everyone but it is good to check it once and decide whether you want to repeat the experience or not.

You can find more pictures in my FB gallery.

My next post will be published in January 2018.

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