GUFF impressions – Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex (CDSCC)

As promised before I am sharing some pictures from my GUFF trip. In the post below you may see how I was enjoying my stay at Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex.

Very big antenna Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex I believe this was the biggest antenna in the Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex.

Three people in front of the radiotelescope We took a lot of pictures of antennas and us in front of the antennas.

Selfie of a man inf ront of the big antenna. Selfie is a must have from the complex :3

Picture shows one of the museum rooms. The most disctinctive part is a model of the astronout in front of the big wallpaper showing moon's surface. This was the first room in the Complex’ museum. I was so happy to be there.

Gray rock in a showcase. This is a piece of moon rock. By visiting the museum I got the chance to see one of the very few items we actually brought back home from other celestial body.

Model of Apollo Command module. Model of Apollo command module. Being in the CDSCC made me longing to read more about space exploration.

Man posing to the picture in astronaut's suit TWhen I will grow up I want to be an astronaut!

CDSCC Space programs' patches Having a patch is a cool thing.

CDSCC Space programs' patches Having all of them is even cooler.

Screen showing tracking schedule at CDSCC This was extremely nice – as a visitors we had a chance to understand which antenna is actually receiving/sending signal to some spacecraft.

Two screens showing the status of the antennas in CDSCC. And another look at a screen fom “control center” for visitors.

Showcase with astronaut's food in plastic bags. Food makes me wonder whether it is really so cool to be an astronaut (of course it is just the food doesn’t look great).

Six people behind a picnic table. In the top right corner fragment of the antenna's disk is visible After seeing the museusm we had a picnic with the nice view over the complex.

Small 'antenna' with a plain and hills behind it. Those, I believe, are remnants of some old antenna.

Men standing in front of the big antenna One should take a picture in front of every antenna jhe gets a chance to see 😉

Two antennas in the Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex And the last view on the antennas before we left the Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex.

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