GUFF impressions – Weta Workshop

The next part of my GUFF impressions – Weta workshop! I wrote a little bit about it before.

Picture taken from the aeroplane. One can see a wing and in the background a few planes and airport building with the text Even before leaving the plane I knew I would see some interesting places….

Man standing in front of the door to a hobbit hole. In fact Norman took this picture of me after I left the Weta Cave. Yet this is the entrance to the world of real magic.

Sheleves with The Hobbit merchandise in boxes. There were so many things to buy in the shop.

Six LOTR/The Hobbit figures in display case. Some of them were just pre-orders while others were available – providing you were willing to pay the price.

Display case with sword, arrow, breast plate and a few helmets. Tag states it is Orc and Goblins weapons and costume. Apart from the shop there was a small museum there with big stuff…

Figures from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit  presented on a rock like shelves. … and some smaller stuff as well.

Display case with a model from Ghost in The Shell wearing kimono. Weta worked not only on LOTR/The Hobbit but also on many other movies.

Man doing selfie with figure of one of the Thunderbirds' pilots. Did I mentione Thunderbirds before?

Display case shoiwng Braindead poster and a rat monkey figure. I do see some good old Peter Jackson movie here.

Clos-up on Gandalf figure. Still LOTR and and The Hobbit were really well represented.

Man standing in fron of an orc statue. Orc is preparing to smash something with his mace. There were some traps waiting for visitors.

A sculpture of a house and a house model made from carton. Behind them there is a shelf with models of small animals. Some pictures are visible on the wall. But there were cute little houses too.

A movie set showing a mountain with green slopes. Second tour included some movie sets.

Movie set showing some kind of elevator in a hideout. Some were more mysterious.

Movie set with some domes. Some where really cool.

Movie set. It looks like a construction site of a big machine/vehicle. This one is a hideout of Mr. Bad Guy.

Movie set showing some big undegground cargo bay/factory. And I don’t recall what this one was.

Movie set showing a big dam and a city below. And this one took only ~4.5 hours to complete (this is extremely impressive!).

Model of an excavator It is not Bagger 288 but it still kinda cool.

Mand posing to the picture in one of the Thunderbirds. Flying back to Weta Cave

A big figure of a troll In front of the Weta cave I had to be very careful as there were trolls there!

Man screaming while troll figure But despite the fact I tried to bery quite I got caught!

My next post will be a report from Arkhamer and will be published on 10th September.

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