Work, work, work

As I was writing before, I am chairing the Krakowska Sieć Fantastyki society (The SFF Network of Krakow). I do not write about it often enough, so here is a good occasion to change it. Still, the bad part is that I am not as successful being a chair as I would like to be.

Plans, plans everywhere

Oh my! I had so many plans in my mind (I still do, in fact). I wanted to held regular books’ discussions, workshops for RPG game masters, small events for RPG players, informal meetings in the club where we can talk and play board games. And so on. There is really a lot we can do. Still, I did not manage to find us a venue and this is preventing other things from happening.

Line of people in fron of a desk. Most of our events took place in this building.

We can, of course, have all those events anywhere, but the problem is that I am busy looking for a place and I feel a little bit torn apart whether to look for “our” place or to better organize other events to happen. The option to look for a place for the club is winning so far. Another thing is that I am occupied with other fannish things – both writing reviews and helping conventions (I am really excited for Dublin 2019 an Irish Worldcon!).

But we are moving forward

It is fortunately not so bad that nothing happens. The team running Lajconik established a cooperation with Krakow City Library. As part of this they organized three short RPG events to promote both Lajconik and RPGs. They are now working on further cooperation. It is not my doing, but I am really happy about that. Especially that this year is quite important for RPG in Poland as a few major titles are being published (Call of Cthulhu 7th edition, D&D 5th edition, The Witcher and WFRP 4th edition).

Poster promoting RPG meetings in Krakow City Library. Picture shows an old castle, full moon and a few bats flying. There is a title in Polish which means Poster by Krakow City Library. It was used to promote meetings we held in three libraries.

Also, the literary section established late last year is working well. Thanks to Paweł Majka who leads it and all the participants they are meeting every two weeks to help each other with writing. I know that some of the participants plan to run in a literary competition and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for them.

The place is important

As I mentioned, we are missing a place for meetings. Some actions are not being undertaken because of lack of my time. I want to spend this time on finding the place as I believe it is really important for building the sense of community. I feel that it would be easier for people to identify with KSF if there will be “our place”. It would be impossible to have something available only to us, but a room with place for our library and possibility to meet regularly would be enough.

Seven people around a table. One person is not facing the camera. One of the sessions hald during Lajconik this year.

I spent many hours looking at the map and checking the internet to find places that might be interested in cooperation. Many e-mails were sent and I had some face to face meetings but so far we don’t have any place to settle. What I managed however was establishing a cooperation with one culture centre and we will organize a board gaming part of their event in June. I hope this will be just a beginning for a longer cooperation and other events will follow. Who knows, maybe it will even turn out to be the place we can have regular meeting at, as a club?

My next post will be published on 24th June.

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