The Galactic Imaginarium Film Festival

To my surprise, recently I received an interesting and very pleasant e-mail. It was an invitation to join The Galactic Imaginarium Film Festival (TGIFF) as a guest. It was something I couldn’t simply refuse so I said yes and now I would like to share some news about the event with you.

Basic info

The festival is going to take place 23rd – 27th September. There will be an online part mainly on Saturday and Sunday (26 th-27 th September) and also film screenings in Drive-In cinema in Dumbrăvița, Romania (23rd – 26th September). For most of us, the online part will probably be of more interest. The programme is online and lists film screenings, discussions, spaceship model presentations, informal conversations and more.

Screenshot from website. Apart from The Galactic Imaginarium Sci-Fi and Fantasy Film Festival there are some small logotypes and big picture. To the left there is a zombie. To the right there are a few houses and in the center there is a movie camera on a tripod.Screenshot taken from the main page of the TGIFF.

In order to fully participate in the event, one needs to buy tickets. They cost 20 RON (slightly above 4 Euros). Certain parts of the festival will be also available for free (Discord discussions, Facebook watch partyies, Board game arena and Drive-In Cinema).

Although event is organized in Romania, the main language will be English so it should be easy to access (as I believe most of my readers don’t speak fluent Romanian).


I was asked to participate in one of the discussions – namely ‘Meet your idol at Film Festivals and Sci-Fi Conventions’. Although I am not a specialist in Film Festivals I have a few words to share about SFF conventions so I will concentrate on this aspect.

TGIFF’s Guest of Honour is Miltos Yerolemou whom many of us know from the Game of Thrones TV series for his role as Syrio Forel. Miltos will participate in a Q&A session and there will also be possibility to have a virtual photo with him. Moreover, there will be a Water Dancing Workshop led by him. The number of places is limited to just 20 and the cost of the workshop is around 33 Euro.

Screenshot of a programme table showing first days of The Galactic Imaginrium Film Festival.The current view at the programme of the TGIFF.

Apart from the Guest of Honour, there will be also a few Special Guests at The Galactic Imaginarium Film Festival. The full list is available here. So far, I don’t know what each person will be presenting but I am looking forward to meet them and listen to their stories.

I must also mention that TGIFF partnered with Irish SF Film Festival – Golden Blasters (which I was mentioning in my Octocon report). In the programme, there is a screening titled: ‘Harps and Leprechauns: films from Golden Blasters’. It is a ‘must see’ event for me.

Waiting for September

So now I need to wait for September before I’ll be able to write a report from TGIFF. But I will be regularly checking their website for more news (and the full list of films planned). I hope to see some of you at the festival 🙂

Screenshot from Facebook. profile picture shows old film tape positioned as a planet. Bacgrdounf picture shows the name of the event and Guest of Honour information. The picture shows flying saucer trying to 'steal' a camera.The Header of The Galactic Imaginarium Film Festival Facebook fanpage

And if you would like to participate more actively, there is an Open call for submissions in the area of LARP, Cosplay, Spaceship Modelling and Fan Art.

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