TGIFF is coming

The Galactic Imaginarium Film Festival (TGIFF) is approaching really fast!
Just a blink of an eye ago it was way ahead of me and now it is almost here. I must say I look forward to it. There are a few reasons why – one of them is because I am a special guest at the event. It makes me happy and slightly nervous. But most important fact are the movies. You can check the programme here. I did not yet made my decisions about which films to watch but I will do it soon.

I will participate in a panel called How to meet your idol at Film Festivals. Considering I am rather congoer than festival visitor I will concentrate on the conventions and their fannish aspects.

For most of the weekend you should be able to find me at the TGIFF Discord server. I am there as Alqua so in case you wanna chat just talk to me there (or here in the comments).

On Sunday evening there will be a TGIFF Award Gala so you may consider to come and check it. Please take a look at the trophies prepared for the winners (and I am already jealous as I really love the design of the Fantasy one).

In case you would like to attend you may find the tickets on the festival’s website.

See you soon!

Screenshot from Facebook. profile picture shows old film tape positioned as a planet. Background picture shows the name of the event and Guest of Honour information. The picture shows flying saucer trying to 'steal' a camera.

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