Hugo Musings – Best Fan Artist

This category is even more difficult than Best Proffesional Artist. The level of the presented works is amazing and choosing the order on the ballot here was a challenge to me. Once again I concentrate more on how I like the art and not necessarily on the deeper interpretation.

Best Fan Artist

Cyan’s Daly illustrations are eye catching. Maybe not my favourites but I like how artist made each of the pictures “full”. I don’t see spaces which would be too empty. Works of Grace P. Fong are similar in that regard. They are also full. I must say that I like them a bit better than the ones by Cyan Daly.

I have fallen in love with Iain’s Clark works when I saw pictures he made for Dublin in 2019 Worldcon. Illustrations created last year are also amazing. Out of them I especially treasure the Shipbuilding Over The Clyde. It is the best picture I saw in 2020. I love the atmosphere, the style and the story in which artist described how he approached this piece.

Exhibition showing multiple Hugo Awards on tables covered with white clothes.
The voting perios already ended. I am now curious who will receive the rocket.

Fan Arts by Laya Rose are in a way magical. I will repeat myself but despite the fact artists creates in style I am not a big fan of, I appreciate all the works. There is something to them beyond the style itself. They have the idea, they are aesthetic and they simply catch the eye of the viewer.

The art that Maya Hahto prepared for a few conventions is a nice thing. We can see pictures made for local fandom in Finland as well as mascot of Discon III. I appreciate that the artists works in different styles. Some of them are to my taste others not necessarily but all of the illustrations stand on at least good level.

Sara Felix is a great artist. I admire her works for some time already. Should I use one word to describe her art it would be “mesmerizing”. It applies to many of her pieces but especially to the ones made with alcohol inks and acrylic paints. They are of fantastic quality and looking at them is – let me repeat – mesmerizing. She is also known for the tiaras she makes. How to describe them? They are unique and amazing. The ones presented in voter’s pack are magnificent. I love all the details of the Earth tiara. I also love how the one made for Glasgow 2024 was connecting one of the visual identifiers of Glasgow in 2024 bid with the symbol used by CoNZealand.

My next post will treat about SMOFCon Europe and should be ready within 2 – 3 weeks.

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