Hugo Musings – Short Stories

The time has come for me to go through works nominated for the Hugo Awards this year. I am almost sure I won’t manage to vote in every category (I never do) but I hope to be able to cover at least some of them. I thought that I may write some of my thoughts – and here I am. First of all I must mention that there will be some spoilers in this post. If you haven’t read the stories and you don’t like spoilers it may be best to refrain from continuing reading this post.

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My involvement in Hugo Awards ceremony

I promised a post about the Hugo ceremony (and my involvement in it) and here it is. Being able to participate in the ceremony was really a great experience and an honour. I knew before that it would be awesome, but I didn’t realize how much joy it will bring. This post is probably a little bit more emotional than the previous ones, but I hope you won’t mind and will still find it interesting.

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