Necronomicon and a Fair Amount of Socializing

So I recently complained more than once that the conventions were really good but I missed the social aspect. Necronomicon managed to resolve this issue. I did not spend too much time on the programme and instead I had plenty of time to meet people and I enjoyed it!

Late start

I prefer not to mix two events in one weekend, as this prevents me from enjoying them fully. Yet the Necronomicon weekend was different. I really wanted to attend the con but I was also a guest at TGIFF. Facing such a decision I decided to try how attending two things at the same time. To a certain extent it was easier because of the time difference (TGIFF was one hour ahead of me and Necronomicon six hours behind me). There was one problem though – although the programme did not overlap strongly, I had to go to sleep early because of the early morning items at TGIFF. Because of that I completely missed Friday at Necronomicon (it started after midnight my time).

Slide from presentation shows. text states: ' Women Who Created Modern Astronomy' and below 'Craig MacDougal'. Below the inscriptions there is a black & white picture showing scientists at work. Title slide from my favourite presentation.

Despite missing Friday, I was probably the first one awake for the Saturday programme ;). In general, there were three streams with just a few items taking place in the fourth location. As mentioned above, I did not attend too many items. Still, the ones I visited were interesting. I think that the Women Who Created Modern Astronomy talk is my favourite one. It was really informative and the presenter knew how to draw the attention of the public. And last but not least, this was such an interesting topic.

Somehow I also listened to one game (Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me! Necronomicon Stay @Home Edition) which seemed to be based on some TV show. It was quite amusing. I also managed to take part in Game of Phones Jackbox, where I lost terribly but it was really fun.

Time to talk

There was a consuite Zoom Meeting room and I spent a lot of time there. I managed to meet a few people who usually attend/run Necronomicon, and I really enjoyed talking to them. I also met Vanessa whom I know from a few cons in Europe. It was really great to get a chance to talk. I am not sure how much time I spent in consuite but for sure it was a few hours on Saturday and on top of that a little while on Sunday.

Screenshot from website showing convention graphic (Cthulhu on the black background) and below Panel Grid Schedule. The Programme Grid of Necoronomicon.

What can I say – there were some programme items I missed because of socializing but aren’t they at every con? I think that meeting people is more important and I always have to balance it. This time I tipped more into the social aspect but this is because a few previous cons were missing this aspect.

The badge at last!

I complained a lot this year that the cons did not prepare badges. Necronomicon not only had a virtual badge but also offered the possibility to order printed one. The price was relatively high but after paying the cost to Zazzle, the rest went to Kids and Canines charity so I think it is great. When ordering, it was possible to choose one of the two designs for front and one of the different two for the back. I was surprised how nicely the badge was made. The material used is PVC plastic (thickness comparable to credit card) so it probably will last for long.

Two sides of the badge are visible. The first one shows Cthulhu on the black background. There is a frame around Cthulhu with inscription Necronomicon 2020 Stay @home edition. Second shows green graphic on white background. The graphic is a circle with a hill and lower part of starting rocket. There is inscription 'Stone Hill'. Bottom part of each side of the badge has green inscription 'Marcin 'Alqua' Klak'. I am really happy that I have the physical badge at home :).

I am really happy about the con. It was small and cosy. I believe that most of the attendees knew each other for a long time and I enjoyed this family like atmosphere. There have been some minor issues but all in all I found the con really pleasant and I am happy that I got the chance to attend it – even just for a dozen of hours or so.

I will publish next post within two weeks – it will be a report from TGIFF.

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